At Custom Rx we specialize in bio-identical hormone therapy. Our pharmacists are specially trained and will advise you on personalized treatments that include hormone testing, consultations, and continuous communications to ensure that your symptoms improve. Please call or email us today.

Welcome to Custom Rx Compounding Pharmacy.  Here, we combine modern medicine and technology in order to provide you with prescriptions that are created specifically for you.  These medications are ordered by your doctor and are prepared by specially trained pharmacists and technicians. 

At Custom Rx Compounding Pharmacy, we offer more than the typical pharmacy experience.  Our friendly and professional staff strives not only to ensure that your compounding needs are met to the fullest extent, but more importantly to see that your health is improved overall.  We will gladly consult with you and your prescriber to solve your medication problems and we will give you the opportunity to receive uninterrupted counseling and instructions in a professional atmosphere.  Moreover, at Custom Rx Compounding Pharmacy, we truly understand the essential role that a pharmacy plays in the community.  As a result, our pharmacists are willing to speak to you and your friends about compounded medication choices at any association meetings.
Please visit us at 6519 Nicollet Ave S, Ste 201 Richfield, MN; we are conveniently located just minutes away from most areas in the Twin Cities.

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A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.


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